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Tournament Info

Let's get started setting up a tournament. Of course Flyball Manager is intended for "real" NAFA tournaments but since you here, we're guessing you'd like to try things out first.

No Worries! In this getting started guide we'll walk you through the setup of a fake "practice" tournament. This way you can get a sense of how Flyball Manager works without having to worry about any real tournament data.

Basic navigation

We've tried to make Flyball Manager as easy as possible to use. You will see on the left side a menu of items you can select from. These items will update after you create a new tournament.


When you click one of these menus, a screen opens showing you details about the item you clicked. Some screens may have further categories designated by horizontal tabs. Clicking any of the tabs displays the detail screen for the item clicked.

Setup tournament

Navigate to the tournament info screen. You can do this either by clicking the Tournament button on the Dashboard screen or clicking the Tournament menu in the sidebar.

Since we haven't created a tournament, there's nothing to display on the info screen. We'll create a test tournament for practice.

Create tournament

Click the Create button on the screen.

Tournament Create

The first thing Flyball Manager is going to do is create a new blank file to store your data. Give the file a name and save it at a location on your computer where you can easily find it again.

Now you are asked for the NAFA tournament number. Here you will enter your official NAFA tournament number. BUT we are only practicing, so let's enter a fake tournament number that we can test with.

Enter 12345678 as the tournament number.

Next Flyball Manager asks if you'd like to download tournament info from NAFA. Normally you'd select "Yes" but for our practice tournament we entered a bogus NAFA number that does not exist. Click "No".

AWESOME! Now we created a new tournament. But we're just getting started.

Enter tournament info

Next we need to enter info about our tournament. Give the tournament a name (any name will do but if you need a suggestion how about Awesome Tournament). You will see the window title is updated with your tournament name. This way you can keep track of which tournament you are working on with a quick glance.

Tournament Info

If this wasn't practice most of the data on this screen would be filled out for us. We'll need to fill in our Tournament info now. Feel free to use any data you'd like in these fields, it's just practice ;-)

For the start and end dates, click the calendar icon to open the calendar. Click the date your practice tournament starts on. Now do the same for the ending date.

Be sure to also select a region for your tournament.

Great! Now we know a little about the tournament. Next up is handling Club entries!